LMA Manager 2003 PS2 cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

Enter the following cheats as a manager ID when you are starting a new team:

Lots of money (500,000,000) - LMA2003A
Low gravity ball - LMA2003B
Injuries heal within one (sometimes works) - LMA2003MA
Stadium improvements finish in one day (also somtimes works) - lMA2003MB
Maximum attendance (always works at home) - LMA2003MC
90% Better Players - LMA3FYWEJD
Aggressive Players - LMA3HKAFFA
Faster Players - LMA3AFFAKH
Rainbow Colored Ball Trails - LMA3ZUPRYU
Rainy Weather - LMA3BQYWCM
Snowy Weather - LMA3PVAKYT
Sunny Weather - LMA3IEMTNU
Win All Matches - LMA3DJEMWR
Submitted by oxfordshoe

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