Luigi's Mansion PS2 cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

Get Gallery Mode
Finish the game to get gallery mode.

Get New Mansion
After finishing the game, save and you will have the option unlocked.

Hidden Hearts and Money
If you are low on life energy, then get out your vacuum and suck in any lamps, chandeliers, or vases. Almost every one will have money or hearts in it.

Treasure Rooms
There are two treasure rooms that are hidden pretty well. The first one can be found on the southwest corner of the mansion on the first floor. Use your Game Boy Horror on the East wall in the butler's room to find the mouse hole. Then press the A button to go in to the treasure room. The second room is hidden so well that you can only access it from the rooftop. Fall down the chimney and you'll be in the last treasure room.

Extra Treasures
When you are sucking up a large ghost, for example the one sitting in the library, he will drop more treasures the longer you hold on to him. If you manage to suck up ninety of his health points continuously (note continuously), he will drop extremely expensive treasure worth up to ten thousand dollars.

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