Men In Black II: Alien Escape PS2 cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

Enter at the "Press Start" screen:

Right, X, R1, Triangle, Up, L2, X, Left, L1, Circle, X, R2 - Invincibility
Up, Down, X, Square, R1, Triangle, Triangle, Left, Circle, L1, L1, Right - All weapons
R2, Triangle, Left, Circle, Square, L2, Left, Up, X, Down, L2, square - Level select
Square, Up, L2, Left, Triangle, X, R2, Circle, Right, R1, Square, Circle - Training missions
Left, Right, Up, Down, L1, Circle, Triangle, R2, Left, Down, Square, Square - Full bolt
L2, R1, Circle, L2, Down, Up, L1, Right, Left, X - Full spread
Right, Up, Square, L1, Left, Left, L1, Left, Circle, Left - Full hearing
Left, Circle, Triangle, Right, L1, Square, Left, R1, R1, Triangle - Full beam
Circle, R2, L2, Circle, Triangle, Down, Square, X, Right, L1, X, Up - "Making of" feature

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