NBA Live 2005 PS2 cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

Enter the following cheats as codes:-

FHM389HU80 - All Shoes
1NVDR89ER2 - All team gear
PRYI234N0B - All Hardwood Classics
YISS55CZ0E - 50,000 Dynasty points
XVLID9895V - Air Unlimited shoes
09B4ADF90P - BG Rollout shoes
VNBA60230T - Huarache 2K4 shoes
23B8HDFCBJ - Nike Shox Elite shoes
234SDJF9W4 - Zoom Generation Low shoes
1KENZ023XZ - Zoom LeBron II shoes
HDI834NN9N - Atlanta Hawks alternate jerseys
XCV43MGMDS - Boston Celtics alternate jerseys
AAPSEUD09U - Dallas Mavericks alternate jerseys
NAVNY29548 - Golden State Warriors alternate jerseys
JRE7H4D90F - New Orleans Hornets alternate jerseys
JRE7H4D9WH - New Orleans Hornets new road jerseys
BHD87YY27Q - Seattle Supersonics alternate jerseys

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