Pac-Man World 2 PS2 cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

Get Ice Skates
Beat Blade Mountain (Snow World).

Defeat Spooky
To defeat Spooky, you have to flip kick him 11 times. To avoid his meteor attack, jump in the opposite direction the meteor is going. When Spooky is low, flip kick him. Repeat the process 3 more times. To avoid the homing fireball (last two sections), keep moving. Do the same thing as last time. On the last part, Spooky will unleash a daze attack.

Butain-Pain Super-Life
On the first checkpoint, look down the tree and rev-roll into some angled B-Doing's. Follow their lead and you will end up on a tree. There will be a switch, Butt-Bounce on it - extra lives and tokens will appear around Pac-Man.

Get Original Pac Man & Ms Pac Man Games
Get 10 tokens to unlock Pac Man, 30 to unlock Pac Attack, 100 to unlock Pac-Mania and 180 tokens to unlock Ms Pac Man.

Get Music Test
Collect 60 tokens.

Get Bonus Art
Collect 150 tokens.

How to beat the bosses of worlds 1-4

1 - Blinky's killer frog
This boss is not too hard but he can be annoying. First when it shoots his tounge out, it will swing back and forth. You need to Butt-Bounce on it three times. After your third hit Blinky will make the tounge metal. Now when he spits it out you need to get on the tounge and Rev Roll into his mouth 3 times to finish him.

2 - Inky's blade-o-matic
Bosses two, three, and four look almost the same. To defeat Inky you need to dodge the blades he shoots and Rev Roll into him 2 times. After that you need to go to one of the outside platforms and Butt-Bounce off the B-Doing over the edge. When you do that, if inky is below, you you need to Butt-Bounce on the capsule he is twice. When he shoots blades again do a rev roll, and then Butt-Bounce on the capsule again. If you follow the rev roll/B-Doing/Butt-Bounce routine he'll be done in no time!

3 - Pinky's Revenge
Rev roll into Pinky two or three times. This part is annoying. You need to again Butt-Bounce on her capsule but the B-Doings that you need to bounce off of, are all on the left when you face them. If you understand what I mean you will not have as much trouble because the hard part is getting Pinky to get under you. If you butt-bounce on her about two or three times, she will rotate back and forth from shooting snow balls at you, and trying to freeze you with the smoke coming out of the bottom of the machine. Hit her two or three more times to finish her.

4 - Clyde and the Caldera
This boss is more difficult. To hurt him, you have to Butt-Bounce the top of him. For the first part, dodge his attacks and wait for him to stop attacking. Watch out for the geysers coming out of the ground, too! Now he'll come low to the ground near one of the outer islands. Rev roll to where he is using the ledges as ramps and quickly Butt-Bounce on him! Repeat and you're on to his second form. To dodge, rev roll to a different island than the one he's attacking. After two assaults he hovers around the center. Wait for him to stop moving and Butt-Bounce! Repeat and now for his third form! The third form is just like the first form only it shoots more quicker. Do the same thing you did to beat the first form. Now for the fourth form! This is like the third form only it shoots even more times. The best way to avoid this now is to rev roll across the gaps back and forth til he stops. He'll hover near the centre island in this form. When you hit him once he starts shooting out three shots. If you manage to stay alive for this he'll hover again and let him have it! Now for the final form! He's the same as always only now it's a lot pickier about where you bounce. You have to bounce directly on Clyde, the ghost piloting the thing. After you hit him once, he'll do the fire move from his second form so rev roll outta there. Once more and he's a goner. You receive the golden pear.

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