Scarface: The World Is Yours PS2 cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

Pause the game and choose CHEATS. Enter one of the codes below:-

TIGERSH - Tiger stripe effect with shades
FLYSTRT - Decreases Cop Heat
NOBALLS - Decreases Gang Heat
FPATCH - Fill Balls Meter
DONUT - Increases Cop Heat
GOBALLS - Increases Gang Heat
KILTONY - Kills Tony
AMMO - Maximum ammunition
MEDIK - Refills Health
BLACK - Black Suit Tony
BLUESH - Blue Suit Tony with Shades
GRAY - Gray Suit Tony
GRAYSH - Gray Suit Tony with Shades
DUMPER - Dump Truck
HAWAII - Hawaiian shirt
HAWAIIG - Hawaiian shirt with sunglasses
S13 - Babylon Club Redux Mission
S12 - Deliver Mission
SO7A - Freedom Town Redux Mission
S09 - Nacho Contreras Mission
S10 - Nacho's Tanker Mission
DW_frn - Oakley Drive-In Mission
A51 - The Dock Boss Mission
S11 - Un-Load Mission
TUNEME - "The World Is Yours" music
TBURGLR - Repairs current vehicle
TIGSHRT - Tiger stripes on shirt
BUMMER - 4x4 Bodog Stampede
SANDY - Tan coloured outfit
SANDYSH - Tan coloured outfit with sunglasses
666999 - Bacinari
DOZER - Bulldozer
MARTHA - Changes Time of Day
SHAZAAM - Toggle Lightning
RAINY - Toggle Rain
WHITE - White suit Tony
WHITESH - White suit Tony with shades

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