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It’s no more news that there are hundreds of casinos online as new operators continue to delve into the market. This is great for players as competition amongst operators will bring more value to the table from a player’s perspective.

It is also a fact that some online casinos with a good number of have established themselves as mainstays and are far better than others.

This is due to some of the standards that these casinos have complied with that have made them stand out. These requirements are a must for any reputable online casino and they are as follows:

1. A Proper License

This is one aspect of online casinos that is majorly overlooked by many players. However, there are many criminal elements parading as online casinos on the web. They can end up stealing people’s hard earned money, making them run into all sorts of trouble in the process.

Therefore, players must always peruse the bottom of these online casino websites. If the operator is legit, the footer of the website will contain information about its operating license.

Players can be on the lookout for details like registration number, jurisdiction, as well as the owner of the company. The best regulating agencies are the gambling commissions of the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, as well as Cyprus, Malta and the likes. Players are advised to stay away from online casinos with no operating license.

2. An attractive welcome bonus

Due to the jostle among online casinos for loyal customers, they come up with large welcome bonuses to attract players. You’ll hardly find an online casino without a mouthwatering welcome bonus.

Players are advised to take advantage of these bonus offers but should also be on the lookout for the terms and conditions that are attached to these bonuses and promotions.

3. A notable reward package for loyal customers

Although these online casinos have impressed players with the welcome bonuses, there should also be an incentive that can be enjoyed by the loyal customers who keep returning.

There should be a lucrative VIP program to ensure that loyal customers are rewarded. Players should be on the lookout for online casinos that treat their customers properly and there are a good number of them out there.

4. A Live Chat Functionality

New and existing players are bound to face challenges that demand instant intervention from time to time. Therefore, there should be a platform that enables these customers to interact with the customer support team for immediate assistance to clear every doubt.

This will keep the customer motivated as he knows that any challenge he faces in terms of delayed payments, un-cleared bonuses, etc, can be sorted out immediately.

5. A Large Variety of Games for the Player

A reputable online casino should have tons of games that players can get to grips with, and take advantage of in relation to landing wins consistently.

A player should be able to access a host of games that will suit their needs in a reputable online casino.

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