Tarzan Slot Game

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Tarzan Slot Game

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Tarzan slots is probably the most loved slots game ever made by Aristocrat in Vegas. The appeal of this game is likely the wheel bonus with version two of the game, which has been taken to a whole new level. Euro Palace Online Casino has this game available for your playing pleasure.

Even though the regular Tarzan slot game can go for a long time without paying much out, when you hit the bonus you will usually get a win that is big. This is especially true when you start hitting multipliers.

These slots are so good, they are popular with a large variety of players.

The new Tarzan slots game has the original spinning bonus wheel which was so popular the first time around. It takes the wheel to a new level, however, by adding a second fire wheel. The result is even larger potential prizes and lot more fun when you hit that wheel bonus round.

One of the best things about this new game is how it captivates players with sound and graphics. The animation sequences are especially good.

The 3D graphics totally immerse you into the game, with animals moving around the screen. Plus, the sheer variety of bonus feature games that are available to play mean you can play for a long time without getting bored.

HD images show Tarzan, his ape Cheetah, Jane and her father, Professor Porter, and a cheetah. They also show an assortment of fruit icons which make a colorful collage of reel symbols. The Tarzan, Jane and Professor Porter pictures show as large icons that are equivalent to two symbols.

Wild Symbol

The game logo for Tarzan slots serves as the Wild Symbol, while being configured as Stacked Symbols in every reel. One or more reels can return with a partial or full display of Stacked Log Wilds after a spin. You can use any portion in view as a useable substitute icon.

When the Logo Wilds form a matched grouping of three, four or five of a kind symbols in a pay line of any kind, a cash equivalent will be the reward.

Bonus Wheel

When three or more Bonus Wheel icons are positioned simultaneously in any reel or row after a spin, they initiate the presentation of the Bonus Wheel. Besides receiving one spin, players of the Bonus Wheel also get an instant bonus win of scatter rewards. Any time two or three icons from the bonus game are seen, a Scatter Reward of 1x the Total Bet gets credited. Four or five Bonus Symbols will correspondingly reward players a Scatter Prize that is equivalent to 10 or 100x the total current bet.

All the wedges which comprise the bonus wheel have prizes. This denotes that a wheel-spinner is guaranteed to win any of the following bonus rewards:

A Jackpot — this also presents to the current total bet. The resulting value will be awarded as an instant cash prize.

A Value Multiplier — This applies to the total current bet. The value that results will be given as an instant cash prize.

The Rolling Reels — This game engine works by taking out all winning symbols to make spaces. Existing and new symbols from the top roll down and fall into the spaces. The new alignment of symbols could make more pay line wins without a bonus tur having to be used. The bonus spin/turn can be used only if the current set or arrangement of symbols doesn?t make any pay line wins.

Entry to Tarzan Free-Spins Bonus Reward — 12 free games will be played on the Rolling Reels, enhanced with the Growing Wilds feature.

Bonus Game: Pick-a-Potamus — This game gives players who win the bonus wheel as many as twelve chances of revealing and getting instant cash prizes. The game could end quickly, however, if a player picks a Hippo inadvertently revealing a POP sign instead of a reward of cash.

The Growing Wilds — This feature adds a Wild to the bonus reels so the number of Wilds can grow to fifteen in all. As you can see, there are plenty of great features to the new version of this game. Euro Palace Online Casino is a great choice to play Tarzan slot game, so don’t hesitate to go play.

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