The best games to play on web browser

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The best games to play on web browser

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Once upon a time, we would have turned up our noses at the very mention of web browser based games. Older web browser games were once looked upon as being simplistic and poorly designed, with pixelated graphics and offering very little in the way of creativity. Today, web browser games have come a long way and have even been given makeovers, redefining what we thought were the previous limits when it came to online games. We are now able to play sophisticated games with great visuals and richer gameplay with the click of a button, which is perfect if you have a little bit of time to kill in your lunchbreak. Games are now so good that we are becoming addicted to them from a younger age. Is that a bad thing? You can decide by taking a peek at some of the following most popular web browser games available at the moment:


If you’re interested in game play that involves shooting and where time moves only as fast as you do, then SuperHot might be perfect for you. It enables you to control time and speed up or slow down the action and is bound to have you obsessed right away.

Trump Whitehouse

Who doesn’t love a little bit of satire and politically-based creativity when it comes to gaming?! If you are looking for a short burst of fun then check out the Ladbrokes’ new Trump Whitehouse game. It allows you to design your very own scene based on Donald Trump?s current white house residency and have a little fun by sharing your designs with your friends.


Tetris is a tile matching puzzle game that has yet to fade from the limelight when it comes to classic webs browser games. The game was created in Russia in 1984 and continues to be top of the list when it comes to curing boredom at the computer! Some Tetris players have claimed to see Tetris tiles in their sleep and has been known to create gaming induced hallucinations.


Minecraft has proven to be one of the most successful games to be played, be it via web browser or otherwise. This sandbox game allows players of all ages to become a part of their world and use blocks to build and create an adventure of their own devising.


Wonderputt actually became available on mobile first but has proven to be all the more fun to play in your browser. The mini golf fame is adventurous and requires you to set up shots and make par on a floating island filled with layers and various obstacles.

Angry Birds

If you haven’t had the chance to play angry birds it may well be about time that you did. The Angry Birds game is even available in an offline PC version, making it both fun and versatile when it comes to playing without internet connection. The puzzle video game was released in 2009 and took the gaming world by storm.

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