Reel Hackers: Top 3 Ways to Get the Most out of Casinos online

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Reel Hackers: Top 3 Ways to Get the Most out of Casinos online

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Welcome to another casino guide to provide you, the player, with more than what the casinos out there want you to have. You’ll need to locate a trusted casino today that can be found over at, this is an independent site with unbiased reviews of the casinos they recommend. Just so you know we’re not trying to sway you with any corrupt sites. These casinos are accessible to all UK, European, Canadian and players from the USA.

Why pay to play when you play using offers!!!?

You may have seen the adverts on TV and promotions on every single casino home page. “Spins” and “Bonus” are two common types used. These casino bonuses do come with certain stipulations which all players must abide by in order to fully benefit from the bonus that greets them. But who has ever read the small print in the bonus detail? Or to ask it another way, who can actually make sense of the casino bonus terms?

If you want to use a spins promotion then you would think it was 10 goes at any game of my choice and what you won, you’d keep, but you’d be wrong! Long story short, you don’t choose the game, you may very well have a choice of 1, 2 or 3 games but it’s invariably the one. For example, “Hello Starburst, we meet again!?”

Okay so if that’s how they want to play it, take the offer, and then use any remaining balance from a win to make it work for you!

Top 3 ways of putting one over on the Casino

So you are faced with these offers, inevitably little will be returned, so how do you go about building it into something that you can actually cash out?

Let’s introduce to you the top 3 tips.

  1. The best casinos are those which have both sports betting and casino features. These will have linked accounts for banking and personal details.

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    Collect any spins promotions you have and play them. Any winnings you make you transfer over to your sports betting site. Use this side of the casino to place bets, even if bit by bit you place 2/1 odd bets with this. Transfer the accumulated winnings of your preferred sports bets and then cash out from the casino’s side. Waa-la, you’ve just discovered a loop-hole.

  1. If gambling be the food of love then spin on. These days there’s so many casinos and seemingly an odd pressure to remain with just the one, though granted this is not putting everyone in the same bracket, honestly, most of us are too lazy to allow for change. The registration process can be dull, but for the sake of 30 minutes in your day, then we suggest the following.

    Register with 5 to 6 casinos, not too many and not too few. Now with the casino with the largest bonus, you play this one first. With the winnings you use this for your deposit in the next casino, you can now leave the other behind once you have cashed out. Repeat this process, building your wins and using them as deposits. If you are lucky you could end up with money to play with when depositing into the last casino.

  2. Change your bonus! If the casino wants you so badly see how far they bend over. Why take spins when you don’t even like slots?

The simple thing to do is contact the casino and advise them prior to signing up if they are willing to give you a different bonus, for a different game. You’ll be surprised what comes around when you ask such a simple question.

Make the casino work for you, for the bonus of games you want. People stopped asking thinking there wasn’t another way. It’s got to change!

Well, there you have it. Now off you go!

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