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Video Slots For Fun Only

Years ago when the internet was slower, people went to casinos to play in person. However these days many play from home online where there are a variety of different games. As internet speeds have increased, making streaming video possible, online gaming has become simpler and fast. One such site where you can play is Japanese allvideoslots.

Differences between online and in person casino

The differences between online and in person gambling have become less. Although in person you can feel the handle of a slot machine - whereas online this would happen with the touch of a mouse - the same sounds and look can be realistically captured online. Whereas in person you would play with cash, you can choose to play online just for entertainment or gamble with real money.

Great variety of different games

There are choices of different games online such as the traditional three reel and five reel machines. Just like the slot machines these are based on - the aim is to match various symbols. However unlike slot machines you can play these for entertainment only. As well as big prizes for matching three (or five) symbols there are also smaller prizes that can be won too. It is suggested that beginners start on the three reel machines.

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