When will the new GTA be available?

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When will the new GTA be available?

The new GTA? Will it become available when the new consoles drop in the holiday season 2020?

With the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X due at the end of the year, it’s an exciting time to be a gamer with this being the first release of a major console in seven years! Which both consoles due to be their most power consoles yet, they need a game of series magnitude to showcase their power? Can GTA 6 be this?

GTA has always been a series of games, especially in GTA V, which sold over 120 million copies worldwide, in which you can virtually do as you please, whether that be heists, missions, driving, shooting, sports and leisure and even gambling and casinos. Would you look to mirror your characters choice betting and gambling in real life? Betting Sites not covered by Gamstop have come up with a way of entertainment that isn’t hindered by schemes limiting your fun to be had in the online bookie world. These means picking up a host of offers for the endless listed games available for all players.

Initially when the third-generation consoles, PS4 and Xbox 360, were released alongside Rockstar’s feature game GTA V and were showcased to another level as said before with the sales figures. Now fast-forward to 2020 when the new consoles are going to be release, you’d expect Rockstar would want to emulate the success they received before by bring out the game at the same time? Unfortunately this isn’t happening so gamers are going to have to wait.

We believe that due to the extended success of GTA V, Rockstar know they have a hold on the market in which they can release whenever, and it will probably have the gaming world on lockdown with everyone playing their new flagship game.

Although this is potentially disheartening for gamers wanting to play the new GTA on their new consoles, gamers have been patient enough waiting for the new consoles for 7 years; I’ve sure they can wait for another year for the new game in the GTA series. After all, they wouldn’t want it to be rushed and want Rockstar to get it right. Rockstar have kept very quiet about the latest release regarding storyline, release date and any other details.

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