Tony Hawk's Project 8 Xbox 360 cheats

level 80

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Cheat codes

When at the main menu, choose options followed by cheats.

needaride - All decks except for the Inkblot deck and Gamestop deck will be unlocked and free
yougotitall - All specials unlocked in shop
drinkup - Full Air Stats
birdhouse - Inkblot deck
newshound - Anchorman
hohohosoi - Christian Hosoi
militarymen - Colonel and Security Guard
strangefellows - Dad and Skater Jam Kid
notmono - Jason Lee
mixitup - Kevin Staab
manineedadate - Mascot
wearelosers - Nerd and Bum
shescaresme - Pat the Realtor
themedia - Photo Girl and Filmer
enterandwin - Grim Reaper
plus44 - Travis Barker
badverybad - Twin
suckstobedead - Zombie Officer Dick
hatedandproud - Vans No Skool Gothic shoes

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