LMA Manager 2006 Xbox cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

Passwords for ID 31876
Enter as the below cheats as a name at the bonus codes screen. Your ID must be same as the cheats for the cheat to work.

VCXEKE7AATQ50 - 500 million in bank
FPPWMPFTPG2CC - All players have full statistics bars
AVQ9P3X4JKPT3 - Always rainy
KR7FGQMPYN1WF - Always snowy
TG7Q4XENHDKC1 - Always sunny
8LFPNQK57VB46 - Best training ground
39YN5T4VLH5P8 - Can recruit any player
NKYG45QCBKT39 - Cannot get sacked
GRCM8AJVMANLF - Dugout shouts (high pitch)
355FQPHWLBQTD - Dugout shouts (low pitch)
0TXYU7TKLNHCB - Faster players
EL8A6CXRHE525 - Full crowd for every match
07D6YL7JA43RD - Funny sound effects
2XPYPL5FWKH9B - Low gravity for ball in 3D game
7GT3V8RW891XB - More likely to get sacked
8Y2CP9RNJF2RC - No cards
4FHPMBNLHWF2B - No transfers
M9WXHWBK333Q5 - Non-aging players
JRFTREXF39RDF - Players recover in 24 hours
8YPB5RABVQF50 - Rainbow ball trails
YUMKQB992YTV4 - Staff has maximum ratings
H442FYVE497J4 - Start with lots of money in fantasy mode
5RHYG1Y7EM476 - Transfer market doesn't close
MTYXT99WA6DXA - Youth players have a hundred potential

Passwords for ID 46821
D7K7T1UXH8G12 - 500 million in bank

Passwords for ID 52452
4EICEWPN0H8AC - 500 million in bank
GFBYT5TL6GJB4 - Injuries heal in 24 hours
1YHEQW7FVQ9UA - Players never age
V5EJ5HMH40KH0 - Recruit anybody
R82CQYGDPQKV0 - Stadium builds in 24 hours

Passwords for ID 64303
DA2951EHR6NQB - 500 million in bank
7M9HX1MRD0U71 - Injuries heal in 24 hours
L09Q317799QL5 - Recruit anybody

Passwords for ID 22263
8MYPQBMY2BNE2 - Players all happy
W01KDT8718601 - Automatically select best team
9D1E76EXE9LU3 - Stadium builds in 24 hours

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