Arctic Thunder Xbox cheats

level 80
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Cheat codes

At the screen after startup (before choosing a player) enter pne of the following codes (none of them have any effect in point races):-

X, X, Y, Y, White, Black, Start - No Drones Mode
X, Y, X, R, Y, Y, Start - Everyone Invisible Mode
X, X, Y, X, R, X, Start - No Power-Ups Mode
Y, White, X, R, X, L, Start - Super Boost Wheelie Mode
White, L, L, Y, White, Y, Start - Clone Mode
Y, X, Y, Y, X, Start - Expert Mode
Black, R, X, Y, Black, R, Start - All Randoms Mode
X, X, X, White, Y, Start - All Atomic Snowballs Mode
Y, Black, Black, Y, R, Start - All Boost Mode
Y, Y, L, Y, Y, White, Start - All Grappling Hooks and Random Mode
Black, R, L, White, X, Start - All Rooster Tails Mode
Y, Y, Black, R, Start - All Snow Bombs and Random Mode

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