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Cheat codes

Different Ending
Beat Halo's Campaign on Legendary to see a slightly longer ending movie.

Infinite Ammunition
To get infinite ammunition on every gun exept the shotgun, plazma pistol and plazma rifle follow these instructions:-

Use the gun until there are only a few shots left (if you want to do it with the rocket launcher, do it every shot).

Reload the weapon, then before the reloading has finished, switch it with a weapon on the floor -so you would tap X, then straight away press and hold X.

Wait for the sound of the gun reloading to stop. Then switch back and you will have the same amount of bullets in reserve but the current clip will be full. This trick is really useful when trying to conserve ammunition with a gun such as a sniper rifle! The trick won't work if you move so make sure you are standing on the replacement gun first. It might work aslo on the PC version of Halo but I haven't tried it!

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