A round up of the best mobile games in 2020

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A round-up of the best mobile games in 2020

For gamers, things have never been so good. Technological advancements have had a massive impact on the overall offering for fans of games, which has not only impacted the type of consoles we have available to us, but also the quality of games we can now access on a mobile. Put bluntly, gaming on a phone has never looked so good.

There are a variety of games available for practically everyone on a smartphone too these days. Games like Pokémon Go have won over millions of people all around the world; then there’s brain training games which tend to be associated with the elderly gamers among us, alongside other creations like SlotsHeaven live casino for British players offering games like roulette and blackjack, coupled with console games that have made the transition over to mobile such as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. There really is a comprehensive selection of games to choose from; it’s ultimately about finding the release that most appeals to you.

With shedloads of excellent games released in recent times, we thought we’d give you the lowdown of the best, must-have games for your mobile phone from 2020.

Mario Kart Tour

Quite understandably, there was a lot of hype when news broke that the famous and much-loved game of Mario Kart would be making its way onto mobile. Since its release, though, a few initial teething problems hindered its early hype somewhat before it was back with a bang after a few tweaks here and there. Unlike Sim City 4, you can’t cheat this game. This is about as pure as it gets for a gamer, with the characters we all know and love available on the familiar levels of old too. The game even features online multiplayer also, giving you the perfect opportunity to silence that cocky friend of yours.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Another mobile phone game that received a lot of attention, Marvel Contest of Champions is a must-have game for all fans of the franchise. With guaranteed mayhem and the opportunity to take down some familiar foes with some familiar heroes, this is a truly magnificent play with some excellent costumes to boot. If you’re into comic books, enjoyed the game Marvel vs. Capcom, and like the idea of using your favourite Marvel characters in epic battles, then you should download Marvel Contest of Champions immediately.

Words With Friends

An absolutely massive release that has been popular with a variety of audiences in recent times, Words With Friends is a spelling game that will make you want to outdo your friends at every given opportunity as they try to come up with clever and funny words, while also having a laugh at each other along the way. If you miss the good old days of some Scrabble smack talk, then Words With Friends is probably a game for you.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go isn’t new, but it’s still huge in 2020. With a large and dedicated community of players, you can catch all the Pokémon on the Pokédex as you walk your dog or sit on the bus thanks to its unique augmented reality technology that has served it so well since the game’s inception. If the idea of getting out and about while gaming appeals to you, then give Pokémon Go a download.

Mini Metro

Countless people have lost hours of the day getting lost in Mini Metro, and it’s totally understandable as to why. The game involves coming up with the best metro routes possible so people can make their way around the city efficiently. Definitely worth a go!

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